25 Feb 2022

Gulf Guardians: Shieling Laboratories

Who are Shieling Laboratories?

Shieling Laboratories is New Zealand’s leading contract manufacturer of high-quality skincare, toiletries and personal care products. We have been a pillar of the industry in NZ for over 40 years. We have partnerships with a large number of New Zealand brands, who we have helped develop and grow both locally and internationally. We are 100% NZ owned and operated and all of our production is done from our facility in central Auckland.

You have a commitment to being an eco-friendly manufacturer. Why is this so important to Shieling?

We are on a journey (like a lot of businesses) to do better for the planet. A large part of our business historically has been manufacturing and packing products into plastic packaging. The impacts of plastic and its subsequent waste are well known and we have been working to embrace alternative packaging types and methodologies ,to reduce the amount of plastic waste we are involved in generating. We are proud that we have already been able to transition 50% of our production to plastic free products. This is growing massively as a product category as people demand more sustainable and planet friendly options.

What made Gulf Guardians the right project to be involved with?

We are a proud Auckland based business and like a lot of Aucklanders we have a love and connection to the sea. The Hauraki Gulf is an incredibly important part of Auckland’s identity and we feel that the health of Gulf has huge impacts on the overall liveability and well being of the city. A lot of us have also grown up hearing stories from parents or grandparents of the past abundance and beauty of the Gulf and so we were excited at the opportunity to contribute in a small way, to restoring its former glory.